2020 Awards Update

Due to circumstances unfolding around COVID-19 and AMPA’s dedication to serving its members, we have postponed announcing award finalists at this time. We understand that our members and the magazine industry as a whole is under a lot of pressure right now. Awards finalists will be announced in the coming weeks. We appreciate your patience during these trying times. Stay healthy.

Celebrate Content Excellence.

The Alberta Magazine Awards program honours and celebrates the work of magazine makers – the editors, art directors, writers, photographers, illustrators, and other creators – who collectively bring passion and insight to our unique Alberta culture and ensure Alberta voices and stories are shared throughout the province and beyond our borders.

The Awards program recognizes the extraordinary content produced by magazines with 18 written, visual, digital, and integrated Showcase Award categories, 5 Alberta Achievement Award categories, and 3 new provincial Achievement Awards.

Provincial Magazine of the Year Awards

For the first time, the Achievement Awards will be accepting submissions from provinces outside Alberta in three new categories: Saskatchewan Magazine of the Year, Manitoba Magazine of the Year, and BC Magazine of the Year.

Recognizing the stellar content produced throughout Western Canada, AMPA is expanding its borders and inviting magazines published in Western provinces to submit entries to Magazine of the Year categories. Open to print and digital magazines, the Magazine of the Year categories celebrate the culmination of what makes a great magazine: innovative content, superior editors, driven design, and the ability to consistently and proactively serve the needs of readers.