Achievement in Publishing


The individual has demonstrated a history of creating excellent magazine content and/or products; achieved long-term success in the magazine industry; and made significant contributions to the Alberta magazine industry, including volunteer work, advocacy, leadership and collaboration.


Past Winners

Rob Tanner

Gold 2011 | Rob Tanner

Ruth Kelly

Gold 2012 | Ruth Kelly

Elaine Kupser

Gold 2013 | Elaine Kupser

Tom Tait

Gold 2014 | Tom Tait

Chris Bird

Gold 2015 | Chris Bird

Anders Knudsen

Gold 2016 | Anders Knudsen

Katharina Doyle

Gold 2017 | Katharina Doyle

Joyce Byrne

Gold 2018 | Joyce Byrne

Jackie Flanagan

Gold 2019 | Jackie Flanagan


M.L. Ellen Percival

Gold 2020 | M.L. Ellen Percival


Brian French

Gold 2021 | Brian French

Sherry Shaw-Froggatt

Gold 2022 | Sherry Shaw-Froggatt


Bert Crowfoot

Gold 2023 | Bert Crowfoot