Alberta Magazine Awards Finalists Announced


The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) is pleased to announce the finalists for the 2023-24 Alberta Magazine Awards.

The annual program, hosted by AMPA and judged by industry leaders from across North America, showcases the outstanding work of magazine professionals in Alberta magazines.

“AMPA member print and digital magazines reach almost 5 million readers each year, and they do so with award-winning expertise, creativity and journalistic integrity,” said AMPA executive director Suzanne Trudel.

“This impressive list of finalists. whose stories told in words and images, contribute to Alberta’s vibrant culture and exemplify the enduring resilience of magazine media,” said Trudel.

This year, AMPA is pleased to announce 112 finalists in 16 categories. Recipients in these categories, as well as the Magazine of the Year, Best New Magazine, Achievement in Publishing, Volunteer and Editor of the Year will be announced at the Alberta Magazine Awards Gala on Thursday, Sept. 26 in Calgary. Tickets go on sale summer 2024.

See the full list of Awards finalists and read the shortlisted entries online.

The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) is a non-profit association representing Alberta-owned, Canadian-content consumer, cultural, speciality, professional and business magazines. We promote, support and advocate on behalf of the Alberta magazine publishing industry.

2023-24 Alberta Magazine Awards Finalists

A Better Balance, CircleWRITER Oumar Salifou

Alberta’s World Class Grains, Culinaire, WRITER Adrianne Lovric

Blackfoot Elders, Conservationists Join to Bring Bison Back to Alberta’s Eastern Slopes,, WRITER Shari Narine

Buffalo Stone Blessings, Wider Horizons, WRITER Tina Karst

Freedom Gas?, Alberta Views, WRITER Tadzio Richards

If a Tree Doesn’t Fall in the Forest, EDify, WRITER Cory Schachtel

Stepping into the Limelight, Summit, WRITER Nadia Moharib, EDITOR Michelle Bodnar

The Hollowing of the Calgary Herald, The Sprawl, WRITER Jeremy Klaszus, AUDIO EDITOR Mike Tod

Who Wants Albertans to Gamble More?, Alberta Views, WRITER Evan Osenton

Yes, Chef, Wider Horizons, WRITER Lisa Kozleski

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Best Restaurants 2023, EDify, ART DIRECTOR Kim Larson

Fall 2023, LINK, CREATIVE DIRECTOR Michelle Atkinson, EDITOR Nancy Cope

Generative AI, New Trail, ART DIRECTOR Marcey Andrews

Summer 2023, Mountain Life: Rocky Mountains, ART DIRECTOR Amélie Légaré

The New Buffalo, Wider Horizons, ART DIRECTOR & DESIGNER Dana Woodward

Tiny Issue, New Trail, ART DIRECTOR John Montgomery

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Forecast Ski 9.3, Forecast Ski, PHOTOGRAPHER Anatole Tuzlak

Generative AI, New Trail, ART DIRECTOR Marcey Andrews, ILLUSTRATOR Taylor Callery

King Snow 15.2, King Snow, EDITOR Jesse Fox

Nashville: Hitting All the Notes, Canadian Cowboy Country, ART DIRECTOR Shannon Swanson, PHOTOGRAPHER Bill Borgwardt

November 2023, Alberta Views, ART DIRECTOR Beate Wichmann, ILLUSTRATOR Gerry Rasmussen

September 2023, EDify, ART DIRECTOR Kim Larson, PHOTOGRAPHER Darren Jacknisky

The Conservation Issue, Canadian Cowboy Country, ART DIRECTOR Shannon Swanson, PHOTOGRAPHER Craig Boehm

Tiny Things, New Trail ,ART DIRECTOR John Montgomery, PHOTOGRAPHER Liam Mogan

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April 2023, Alberta Views, EDITOR Evan Osenton, ART DIRECTOR Beate Wichmann, WRITERS Tadzio Richards & Sara Hastings-Simon

Breaking Down the Blocks, EDify, EDITOR Steven Sandor, ART DIRECTOR Kim Larson, WRITERS Liam Newbigging, Tom Ndekezi & Jasleen Mahil, PHOTOGRAPHER Darren Jacknisky

Get Out There: A Guide to Summer in the Mountains, Avenue, EDITOR Shelley Arnusch, WRITERS Jacquie Moore & Andrew Penner, CREATIVE DIRECTOR Steve Collins, GRAPHIC DESIGNER Sofia Velasquez, PHOTOGRAPHER Jared Sych, ILLUSTRATOR Jarett Sitter, STYLIST Carl Abad

Revealing, ATA Magazine, EDITOR Cory Hare, WRITERS Celeste, David, Joshua, Leonard, Jennifer & Sinead, ART DIRECTOR Erin Solano, DESIGNERS Kim vanderHelm & Gela Cabrera Loa

Small Things, New Trail, EDITORS Karen Sherlock & Lisa Szabo, CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Madisen Gee, Lewis Kelly, Kate Black, Geoff McMaster, Chelsea Novak, Therese Kheler, Helen Metella & Adrianna MacPherson, PHOTOGRAPHER Liam Mogan, ART DIRECTOR John Montgomery, ILLUSTRATORS Tsjisse Talsma, Jeremy Leung & Cristian Fowlie

The New Buffalo, Wider Horizons, ART DIRECTOR & DESIGNER Dana Woodward, WRITERS & EDITORS Lisa Kozleski & Tina Karst, PHOTOGRAPHER Rob Olson

Yes, Chef, Wider Horizons, WRITER & EDITOR Lisa Kozleski, ART DIRECTOR & DESIGNER Dana Woodward, PHOTOGRAPHER Rob Olson

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Hengameh E. Rice is Two People, EDify, WRITER Liam Newbigging

Powering the Pedals on Alison Jackson, IMPACT Magazine, WRITER Emily Meyer, EDITOR Elaine Kupser

Preservation or Exploitation? New Film Explores Musicologist’s Motivation in Recording First Nations Chief,, WRITER Odette Auger

Revisiting a Loaded History, Galleries West, WRITER Joseph Paris

Riccardo Baldini, Strathcona Microgreens, The Tomato food & drink, WRITER Daniele Zenari, EDITOR Mary Bailey

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Can We Talk?, New Trail, WRITER Jenna C. Hoff

Married to a Narcissist Survival Quiz, filling Station, WRITER Leslie Palleson

Publishing Through a Cultural Revolution, Alberta Views, WRITER Jackie Flanagan

The Good, the Bad and the Morally Ambiguous, GalleriesWest, WRITER Sarah Swan

Three Stories of the Iinii, Wider Horizons, WRITERS Marcia Black Water, Jessica Fox & Sandra Bartlett Atwood

Whitewashing History, Alberta Views, WRITER Gretchen Albers

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Foodie Road Trips, EDify, ART DIRECTOR Kim Larson

Form and Function, EDify, ART DIRECTOR Kim Larson, PHOTOGRAPHERS Curtis Trent, Darren Jacknisky & Aaron Pedersen

Go East, Young Man, Canadian Cowboy Country, ART DIRECTOR Shannon Swanson

Personal Best, Mortar & Pestle, ART DIRECTOR Brent Morrison, ILLUSTRATOR Byron Eggenschwiler

Small Things, New Trail, ART DIRECTOR John Montgomery

Voices Rarely Heard, Circle, ART DIRECTOR Marcey Andrews, ILLUSTRATOR Taylor Callery

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Awakening the Spirit of the Land, Your McMurray Magazine, WRITER Jes Croucher

Cashing in on Tragedy, Summit, WRITER Haley Jarmain, EDITOR Michelle Bodnar

Dysfunction at EMS, Alberta Views, WRITERS Charles Rusnell & Jennie Russell

Generative AI, New Trail, WRITER Lisa Szabo, EDITOR Karen Sherlock

The Hollowing of the Calgary Herald, The Sprawl, WRITER Jeremy Klaszus, AUDIO EDITOR Mike Tod

Voices Rarely Heard, Circle, WRITER Anna Marie Sewell, EDITOR Mifi Purvis

Who Wants Albertans to Gamble More?, Alberta Views, WRITER Evan Osenton

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A Mountain of Medical Waste, Alberta Views, WRITER Monica Kidd

Ask Water to Help You Cope With Anger,, WRITER Odette Auger

Is the Glenmore Reservoir Calgary’s Best Neighbourhood?, Avenue, WRITER Dave Robertson

New Zone. Who’s This?, Legacy in Action, WRITER Tom Ndekezi

Trailblazing Women, Where Canadian Rockies, WRITER Kate Barker

Plastic Blues, Alberta Views, WRITER Lise Mayne

Should Calgary Ditch the Cowboy Motif — Or Embrace it?, The Sprawl, WRITER Ximena González

Teetering on the Edge of Disaster, EDify, WRITER Breanna Mroczek

The Great Overwhelm, ATA Magazine, WRITER Celeste, EDITOR Cory Hare

Who’s Afraid of Cancer?, arch magazine, WRITER Jacquie Moore, EDITOR Jaelyn Molyneux

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Catch You on the Flipside, Funicular, WRITER Lee Kvern

Cherries Bar Cherries, Alberta Views, WRITER Joy Norstrom

Here to Stay, EDify, WRITER Ben Lof

I Am a Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing, filling Station, WRITER Shaelin Bishop

Medusa’s Murder in the Piazza Della Signoria, Funicular, WRITER Sabrina Uswak

Mouse Trap, Freefall Magazine, WRITER Tyler Hein

Prompt, EDify, WRITER David van Belle

The Necessity of a Shepherd, On Spec, WRITER Quinn J. Graham

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Baby on Site, Alberta Heavy, ILLUSTRATOR Scott Carmichael

Cherries Bar Cherries, Alberta Views, ILLUSTRATOR Byron Eggenschwiler

Kenny Yeung: Evening the Playing Field, ATA Magazine, ILLUSTRATOR James Lee Chiahan, ART DIRECTOR Kim vanderHelm

Pro Tips: Satisfy Your Wanderlust, LINK, ILLUSTRATOR Danielle Erickson, CREATIVE DIRECTOR Michelle Atkinson

Sunny Ways, GrainsWest, ILLUSTRATOR Dominic Bugatto

The Last Word, Wider Horizons, ILLUSTRATOR Eric Dyck

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Check Your Head, EDify, PHOTOGRAPHER Aaron Pedersen

Spring 2023: Bright Mind, Leap, PHOTOGRAPHER John Ulan, ART DIRECTOR Veronica Cowan

Wakefield Brewster, Avenue, CREATIVE DIRECTOR & PHOTOGRAPHER Steve Collins

Winnie Chen, EDify, PHOTOGRAPHER Curtis Trent

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30 Best Things to Eat & Drink 2023, Avenue, PHOTOGRAPHER Jared Sych, CREATIVE DIRECTOR Steve Collins, FOOD STYLIST Chris Landry

Allies, EDify, PHOTOGRAPHER Paul Swanson

Boyle Street, Alberta Views, PHOTOGRAPHER Alexander Shamota

Forecast Ski Photo Annual, Forecast Ski, EDITOR Jeff Schmuck

Lac Ste. Anne Pilgrimage, Alberta Views, PHOTOGRAPHER Jason Franson

The New Buffalo Portraits, Wider Horizons, PHOTOGRAPHER Rob Olson

Water, Wind & Fire, Canadian Cowboy Country, PHOTOGRAPHERS Beth Allan, Craig Boehm, Shannon Bileski & Braydon Morissea, ART DIRECTOR Shannon Swanson

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A Black Hand Revisits, filling Station, WRITER Bertrand Bickersteth

Dark Water, Freefall Magazine, WRITER Bruce Hunter

Departure, Freefall Magazine, WRITER dee Hobsbawn-Smith

Making Peanut Butter Toast, Funicular, WRITER Gavin Doyle

Three Poems, The Polyglot, WRITER Omar Ramadan, EDITORS Adriana Onita, Catalina Morales Velez, Tariq Malik, Ewa Kolacz & Maria Teodora Barbu

Triptych of Poems: Beautiful Hands, Peaches, and Sabrina, The Prairie Journal, WRITER Karli Woods

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Alberta Was His Finest Laboratory, Alberta Views, WRITER Immanuela Lawrence

Athlete with Impact: Liam Gill, Conquering Mountains, IMPACT Magazine, WRITER Jessica Natale Woollard, EDITOR Elaine Kupser

Author’s Seminal Novel Remains Relevant Even After 40 Years,, WRITER Shari Narine

Buffalo Stone Blessings, Wider Horizons, WRITER Tina Karst

Dallas Prince: Deeds, not Words, Canadian Cowboy Country, WRITER Terri Mason

Dressing for the Life We Have, Avenue, WRITER Jacquie Moore, EDITOR Shelley Arnusch

Son of a Baron, Legacy in Action, WRITER Jennifer Cockrall

What’s Past is Prologue, Alberta Views, WRITER Curtis Gillespie

Yes, Chef Wider, Horizons, WRITER Lisa Kozleski

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9 Things to Know About Kids and Migraine, arch magazine, WRITER Jacquie Moore, EDITORS Jennifer Myers & Jaelyn Molyneux, ILLUSTRATOR Julie McLaughlin

Gourmet Cheats for Dorm Room Eats, Wider Horizons, WRITER Lisa Kozleski, ART DIRECTOR & DESIGNER Dana Woodward, PHOTOGRAPHER Rob Olson

Preserving Indigenous Language, New Trail, WRITER Kalyna Hennig Epp

The New Buffalo, Wider Horizons, WRITERS Lisa Kozleski & Tina Karst, ART DIRECTOR & DESIGNER Dana Woodward, PHOTOGRAPHER Rob Olson

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