Taneya Rogers

Editor, Melanistic Magazine

Taneya Rogers was born and raised on the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago. Taneya immigrated to Canada in 2007 after completing her undergraduate degree in South Carolina. Writing and storytelling have always had a hand in her upbringing, Taneya credits her grandmother, the English teacher, and grandfather, the politician, with nurturing these gifts. Her parents, particularly her father, on the other hand seeded her love for adventure and for the outdoors. Hiking, sailing, scuba, and gardening kept Taneya busy as a child and well into adult years.

Taneya’s family and community in Trinidad always made her feel limitless, and wanted to share this feeling with her new community. Taneya learned quickly living as a minority, that there are barriers, both real and perceived, to accessing opportunities and experiences. Having had the privilege of less conventional activities as a youth, writing and editing provided a platform to promote Black stories that may seem unconventional. The founders of Melanistic Magazine were the first to give Taneya the opportunity as an editor to tell these stories and provide a different narrative for, and of her community. In addition to Melanistic, Taneya has worked as the editor for Black Entrepreneurs Journal, launched in the Fall of 2021, and Vancouver Foundation 2022 annual publication.

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