Jared Sych

Photographer, RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions

Jared Sych, Calgary based photographer has been working professionally since 1999. Since graduating with a BFA from Alberta University for the Arts, he has shot for a long list of advertising agencies and publications with Clients such as FFWD, Globe and Mail,  Telus, Shaw, GM and The Calgary Stampede. For which he won the prestigious Anvil Award in 2005. Since then Jared has been working for RedPoint Media as their staff photographer. For the past 17 years he has photographed a variety of food, people, interiors, and destinations giving him a versatile eye. You can see his work in the pages of Avenue Magazine, Spur Magazine and Leap Magazine.

More recently, Jared has focused on his personal work under the pseudonym Walter E. Neuman. His is now represented by Huffman Nyikes Gallery and can be seen at the various H/N popups curated around Calgary.

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