Advertising in the Magazine Business

After two years at the helm of Marketing magazine, Canada’s advertising and media source, Tom Gierasimczuk has profiled the business models of everyone from Michael Einser to the guys from Vice Media. His conclusion (and vital advice to magazine publishers): authentic communication is the gold standard in a world where ad agency “campaigns” often fail to connect with audiences, prompting marketers to search out editorial techniques to get the job done.

In the video of this seminar, Tom presents his review of a fragmented marketing landscape that finally favours the publishers that get it with opportunities to offer not just “ad space,” but nimble marketing services that steal market share from agencies and build new client-direct relationships.

Tom Gierasimczuk is an award-winning journalist and media and marketing executive with a proven record of developing effective multi-platform, editorially driven marketing strategies that engage audiences and infuse brand communication with a sense of purpose and utility.  Tom has built media properties for clients ranging from WestJet Airlines to Microsoft while working with leading media and communications companies including Rogers Media, Totem Brand Stories, Canada Wide Media and Yellow Pages.

As a storytelling entrepreneur, he has launched companies ranging from an adventure travel outfitter in South America with a global clientele, to regional and national magazines and media properties. With a passion for helping turn brands with a great story to tell into engaging, nimble media properties capable of telling it, Tom speaks about effective marketing at conferences and to media all over North America.

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