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Avenue Edmonton
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When Steven Sandor joined the Avenue Edmonton team in 2010, his role was to help build readership and establish the magazine’s brand. At the time, monthly issues of Avenue Edmonton were running an average of 68 pages. Four years later, in 2014, Avenue Edmonton regularly ran to more than 100 pages, and last year saw the largest issue ever, at 180 pages. But page count only tells part of the story, Steven cares about his community and is dedicated to creating stories, in print and online, that will engage and challenge readers to have a greater stake in their city

Steven is known for his leadership, his innovation, his thoughtful and challenging mentorship of writers and his dedication to maintaining their unique voice as he provides editorial guidance. In addition to his editorial leadership, Steven is a strong advocate for the larger publishing industry..

He serves as an AMPA board member, and represents the periodical industry to Access Copyright, talks about industry opportunities to students from junior high to post-secondary, and is called upon regularly for his commentary in the broadcast media.