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For the Winter 2019 issue of Wider Horizons, Lethbridge College’s community magazine, Editor Lisa Kozleski suggested something risky: instead of the upbeat stories the magazine normally focused on, they would take a deep dive into the region’s opioid crisis. It was a tonal shift that could have hurt the publication, but thanks to Kozleski’s vision, compassion and leadership, the issue was a triumph, setting a new precedent for the kind of storytelling Wider Horizons could do.

Kozleski is known for this blend of curiosity and determination. Since joining the magazine as a senior writer in 2013, she has applied herself to exploring new editorial possibilities, forged an extraordinary network of creative talent and gathered an armload of writing and publishing awards.

She’s equally comfortable (and successful) contributing to a rebranding project or finding the magazine a better, more cost-effective distribution model.

To get Wider Horizons in readers’ hands three times a year, Kozleski oversees everything from determining the story lineup to assigning stories, photography and illustration. She writes features, edits everything, manages the entire Lethbridge College communications budget (famously bringing in her 2018 – 2019 budget for postage, printing and professional fees with only a miniscule 0.5% variance), collaborates with the alumni office, distributes and promotes the magazine, surveys readers and keeps bringing new ideas to the table — often sketching raw layouts and concepts on her office whiteboard.

Kozleski’s knack for finding and writing stories that capture the energy of Lethbridge College, supporting the institution’s goals without shying away from complex subject matter, has made the magazine a must-read for an audience that extends beyond the alumni community. Given Kozleski’s reputation as an endless source of fresh ideas, it’s safe to assume she’s just getting started..