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Since 2007, Käthe Lemon has helmed Avenue Calgary’s editorial team with visionary leadership. Under Käthe’s direction, Avenue has widened its impact in the city, connecting with the community by reshaping the ways stories are shared and told across the magazine’s readership.

Käthe is a trailblazer in the magazine world. Her team spearheaded the Big Idea program – a yearlong focus on a topic that affected and continues to impact the city. The program included public events and a blog, all of which increased public engagement and discussions with community leaders, culminating in an issue dedicated to the first Big Idea: Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis. Not only has Käthe led her team to tackle difficult topics in a way that resonates with audiences, she has also contributed to the success of other initiatives that have revolutionized readership engagement, including the Best Neighbourhoods Survey, a Design Competition for local furniture designers, an Architecture Challenge, and the Top 40 Under 40 coverage.

Committed to her staff, Käthe is recognized for facilitating the growth of Avenue’s skilled team by offering opportunities for quality professional development. She has helped emerging talents thrive in the industry, and remains dedicated to creating more space for experienced professionals to show-case their work. Beyond Avenue Calgary, Käthe has also been appointed as acting editor for Avenue Edmonton in 2010, and promoted to Editorial Di-rector for RedPoint Marketing & Media Solutions in September, 2010.

As the face of Avenue Calgary, the hats Käthe wears are varied and vast. From attending events and engaging with the community on behalf of the magazine, to coordinating the editorial team, she has made her mark in cementing Avenue Calgary as a trusted brand that continues to flourish in and redefine the Calgary landscape.