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Five years ago, gallery and bookshop owner Janine Vangool launched Uppercase, a magazine devoted to creativity and curiousity in the arts. Helmed by a first-time editor, committed to a print format in an increasingly digital age, and pursuing a reader-supported business model, the magazine seemed to defy all prevailing publishing trends.

Half a decade later, Uppercase has increased its original print run tenfold, boasts a steadily increasing, international base of subscribers and stockists, and maintains an active and effective digital presence.

Why is Uppercase such a success story? Because of Vangool’s editorial acumen, entrepreneurial flair, and hard work. She has sold subscriptions, liased with stockists, shot photos, written stories, blogged, designed, managed, furnished and financed Uppercase. She leads a small and fiercely loyal team, and has developed an expanding and devoted global community of subscribers and contributors.

Uppercase, which is entirely ad-free and reader supported, has never compromised its original editorial vision. Vangool, who upholds that vision, has earned a reputation as a creative inspiration, an advocate for the possibilities of print, and a true innovator in the world of publishing.