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Curtis Gillespie, co-founding editor of Eighteen Bridges, has said: “scope is often the soul of a good story.” It’s a core belief that motivated him to start publishing the bi-annual narrative journalism magazine in 2010.

A successful writer himself, Curtis is the author of five books, including the novel Crown Shyness and the memoirs Playing Through and Almost There, which have won or been nominated for numerous literary awards. In 2014, he won a record-tying four National Magazine Awards and has won seven in total for his writing on the arts, politics, society, travel and sports.

His love of great writing and storytelling inspired him to provide both emerging and established writers the space to tell compelling and thought-provoking stories at a time when the arena for such content was dwindling. His own strengths as a storyteller have been credited for his exceptional editing abilities. Those who have written for him say he doesn’t edit with a heavy hand, but is committed to helping writers “understand the primary narrative thread,” that creates powerful stories. Friends and colleagues are quick to express their admiration for his dedication to the creative community of writers and long-form journalism at a time when quick-hit news stories dominate traditional and social medias.

His ability to think creatively, and his passion for a good story, coupled with his energy and generosity as a mentor for developing writers is what makes him such a worthy recipient for this reward.