Membership Fees

2024 AMPA Member Fee Schedule

Circulation/per IssuePrice
Voting Member Magazines Circulation Per IssueUnder 10,000$260/year
10,00 to 50,000$330/year
Over 50,000$410/year
Affiliate Member Magazines-$315/year
Probationary Member Magazines-$260/year
Associate: Organizations-$365/year
Associate: Individual-$60/year

Membership in AMPA is awarded to individual magazines, not publishing companies. When applying for membership, applicants must apply for every title published and supply copies of each for review by the membership committee. Future applicants of AMPA will not be approved on the basis of a precedent set by the acceptance of a member presently in the Association.

“Publisher” means any individual, corporation, partnership, unincorporated association or trust publishing a periodical. The publisher of any qualifying periodical may become a member in respect of that periodical, and shall in every case, except where the publisher is an individual, appoint a person to act as the representative of that periodical for membership.

New members will be billed upon acceptance to AMPA. Member fees will be prorated based on the month of membership approval. Thereafter, members are billed each November for the following year’s fees. Payment must be received prior to December 15 to ensure inclusion in the annual print version of the member catalogue.

Voting Member Fees are calculated according to a periodical’s circulation, which is based on the per issue print run. If print run varies with each issue, calculate annual circulation and divide by annual frequency.

The Board may revoke membership of any member that is more than 60 days in default of payment of membership fees.