Articles in this category focus on a person or a group.

2022 Finalists

  • 2022 GOLD | Not a White-Bread Childhood: Chrystia Freeland’s Alberta Roots

    Myrna Kostash, Writer

    Alberta Views

  • 2022 SILVER | The Nenshi Years

    Chris Turner, Writer

    Alberta Views

  • A Pattern in his Path

    Lisa Kozleski, Writer

    Wider Horizons

  • Are You Really the Principal?

    Rosalind Smith, Writer

    ATA Magazine

  • Changing Convention

    David Berry, Writer

    Legacy in Action

  • Into the Wild

    Valerie Fortney, Writer
    Jacquie Moore, Editor

    arch Magazine

  • Meet Calgary’s New Mayor: Who is Jyoti Gondek?

    Taylor Lambert, Jeremy Klaszus, Writers
    Ximena González

    The Sprawl

  • Olivia Cheng Takes a Stand

    Breanna Mroczek, Writer


  • The Energyphile

    Shelley Arnusch, Writer


  • The NAIT Grad Who Brought the World Closer to a Cure for Diabetes

    Scott Messenger, Writer
    Nicole Graham, Joyce Yu, Editors

Previous Winners

  • 2021 GOLD | Believe and Begin

    WRITER Joanna Croston

    Canadian Rockies Annual

  • 2021 SILVER | Coming Home

    WRITER Stephanie Bailey

    New Trail

  • 2020 GOLD | Daryl McIntyre, veteran Edmonton anchorman, at the crossroads

    WRITER Scott Messenger


  • 2020 SILVER | Beyond the Bench

    WRITER Curtis Gillespie

    New Trail

  • 2019 GOLD | Big Muddy

    Elizabeth Withey

    Alberta Views

  • 2019 SILVER | The Other Side of the Bridge

    Scot Morison

    Eighteen Bridges

  • 2018 GOLD | In the Key of Alex

    Lisa Ricciotti

    Avenue Edmonton

  • 2018 SILVER | Seen Unseen

    Omar Mouallem

    New Trail

  • 2017 GOLD | Wrestling Erica

    Marcello Di Cintio


  • 2017 SILVER | Canada's Top Judge

    Katherine Ashenburg

    Alberta Views

  • 2016 GOLD | The Gospel of Terry Paranych

    Omar Mouallem

    Alberta Venture

  • 2016 SILVER | Knowing Michael Green

    Marcello Di Cintio

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2015 GOLD | The Long Journey of Nathan Phelps

    Marcello Di Cintio


  • 2015 SILVER | Ray Muzyka's Next Chapter

    Omar Mouallem

    New Trail

  • 2014 GOLD | Meet Daryl Katz

    Omar Mouallem

    Alberta Venture

  • 2014 SILVER | The Keys to Life

    Sarah Ligon

    New Trail

  • 2013 GOLD | The Populist

    Curtis Gillespie

    Eighteen Bridges

  • 2013 SILVER | Burden of Proof

    Christine Fischer Guy

    Eighteen Bridges