Jacqueline Biollo

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Location: Alberta

Leveraging my public relations/government relations experience, my firsthand understanding of professional and strategic business principles, and my passion as an arts and culture enthusiast – I have been driving conversations about people, possibility, and potential for years.

As a former politician, entrepreneur, and university educator, I have researched and written dozens of articles on women’s lifestyles and news stories about worldwide events. I have a weekly column at ladiescorner.ca.

I can lean on my experiences as a mature, full-figured, internationally published model who walked the runway during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) to provide a unique perspective, tackling a broad spectrum of topics from fashion to self-confidence and everything in between. Or my experience as a politician who has run campaigns focused on municipal and federal initiatives that are relevant to and important based on where voters live, work, play, and invest. I can lean on my experience as an entrepreneur, conducting research and developing programs and services that impact our most vulnerable and victimized, criminal justice system or Indigenous relations. And I can lean on my experiences as a university educator with a strong focus on marketing research, human resources, and communications.

If representation matters, my voice, as a Caucasian woman with Indigenous and Caribbean blood, should be a welcomed addition to creating quality content that will create some interest from your readership.

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