Shani Gwin

Founder, pipikwan pêhtâkwan

Speaking Events

KN2 Decolonizing Media

Shani Gwin is the founder of pipikwan pêhtâkwan, an Indigenous owned and operated company focused on elevating Indigenous voices and their stories. Shani is a sixth generation Métis. She’s a member of the Cunningham Clan and a descendant of the Michel Band.

Shani has over 12 years of professional communications experience working for government, private and not-for-profit organizations. She has led communications on high profile initiatives, issues and media events including: the Protect Our Elders campaign during COVID-19, the grand opening of Fort Edmonton Park’s Indigenous Peoples Experience, Secret Path Live for the Downie Wenjack Fund, and several infrastructure projects and initiatives for Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation.

Since starting the company, Shani has built a reputation for building capacity in others and creating transformational change in communities, organizations, and people. She is “the” relationship person. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Shani is adept at putting her thoughts into words to build a culture and “breathe life” into the organization. Shani is driven by the people she surrounds herself with. She is motivated by the women-led team who support Gwin Communications – watching them grow their skills, share their perspectives and gain confidence as leaders.

Shani leads with love, kindness, integrity, and genuine humility. At the same time, Shani’s tenacity brings a critical lens and a strong voice instrumental to creating positive change. Her constructive approach aims to inform, challenge colonial cycles and structures, and build bridges to lift the voices of Indigenous, Black and People of Colour.

Shani’s calm demeanour lends itself to her expertise in strategic communications, issues management, and crisis communications.

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