Brent Barootes

President and CEO, Partnership Group – Sponsorship Specialists®

Speaking Events

TH3: This Is Not About Hanging Another Banner!

Brent Barootes is President and CEO of the Partnership Group, a Calgary-based national sponsorship consulting firm with offices coast to coast in Canada. In the past 30 years, Brent has worked directly or indirectly with many Canadian brands, corporations, small and medium businesses as well as professional and amateur sport organizations, media outlets, provincial government tourism offices and organizations, municipalities, and non-profits, charities, members organizations and arts organizations to develop effective sponsorship programs. His background in pro sports sponsorship media sales for over a decade combined with work for a national charity and operating a leading sponsorship consultancy in Canada for almost two decades supports his stature in the sponsorship marketing arena in Canada. Brent is also the author of Canada’s #1 book on sponsorship, Reality Check – Straight Talk About Sponsorship Marketing.

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