Assignment Letters and Contracts

Are your magazine’s stories perfect from the first draft? Do you rarely rewrite content, and seldom send back multiple fix notes to writers? Do you have a transparent agreement to use contributors’ work in all of your content offerings? After this session, your answer to all of these questions will be “yes.” A master of editing and workflow, Jessica will show you how to communicate effectively with writers to reduce inefficient back-and-forth edits and nourish long-term writer-editor relationships.

Jessica Ross began her career in publishing as associate editor and web editor of IE:Money magazine, and later became managing editor of Avid Media’s Canadian Home Workshop. Jess has been the executive editor and acting editor-in-chief of Homemakers magazine, and was the tablet publishing manager at TC Media. She developed editorial workflow systems, taught magazine packaging at Ryerson University and served on the board of the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors.

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