Designing for Readers

Know your reader. Every art director and editor has heard this before, but how do you take what you know about your audience and translate it to the page? How can your team use design to tap into the passion readers feel for the brands they love? Matthew Bates explains why, in an increasingly visual world, readers connect with far more than just the words on the page. Learn how audience research can help guide a redesign process, and how the look of your magazine can speak not only to the readers you have, but also to those you want.

Matthew Bates is group creative director for both the outdoor group and home buyer group at Active Interest Media in Boulder, Colorado. He oversees the visual direction of multiple national consumer brands such as Backpacker, Climbing and Old House Journal, as well as tradeshow dailies. During his tenure at Backpacker, the magazine has won numerous awards from the Society of Publication Designers, and received its first American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) National Magazine Award for General Excellence in both the print and digital categories. In 2011, Backpacker was a finalist for Magazine of the Year at the ASME National Magazine Awards.

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