League is an annual collectors’ compendium of unique, thoughtful photographic art comprised primarily of work from the League of Landscape Photographers. League is not a conservation magazine, although environmental issues may be a threat weaving through a photographer’s work. It is also not a traditional landscape publication] of beautiful, iconic scenery, although beauty may be a theme taken up and presented in new ways by an artist.

League presents an alternate viewpoint – that photographers, and landscape photographers in particular, can channel their fascination with living things into topics for discussion, and that artists can be leaders in the pursuit of creative responses to the changes occurring across natural, cultural and political spectra. Rather than offer simple solutions to complex problems, League seeks to push further by encouraging us to think about and engage with intimate, local changes to the landscape around us. The photography featured in League is personal, passionate and sometimes puzzling, but it is always relevant and immediate.

Frequency: 1 issue per year

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League magazine
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