Pilot Study on Everyday Well-being Launched

Date: 25th January 2022

Statistics Canada is conducting a Pilot Study on Everyday Well-being, in collaboration with Canada Council for the Arts and Canadian Heritage. The survey will run from 10 January to 31 March, 2022. This project will use a new mobile-phone application called Vitali-T-Stat to test a new way of collecting data.

The Vitali-T-Stat app asks Canadians in-the-moment questions about their activities and feelings to gain a better understanding of how everyday activities contribute to a person’s overall well-being, particularly cultural activities. The goal of the study is to gain a better understanding of the factors that influence well-being, particularly arts and culture activities. These data could be used to better understand the factors that can promote emotional and mental resilience, which could result in the development of programs and services that improve the quality of life of all Canadians.

Download the app to get started!

  • Visit Google Play or App Store, search for Vitali-T-Stat by Statistics Canada and download the app onto your mobile device (Android or Apple).
  • Open the app—read the Getting Started instructions, accept the Terms and Conditions, create a password and customize your notifications.
  • Click START and answer the first questionnaire. You will be asked if you received an invitation from Statistics Canada. Click YES and enter the code provided below then continue participating.


After you set up the app, for the next 30 days you’ll receive two notifications daily to answer a few questions about what you are doing and how you are feeling in that moment. If you like, you can increase the notifications up to five per day.

Your information is confidential 

This survey is conducted under the authority of the Statistics Act, which ensures that the information you provide will be kept confidential, and used only for statistical and research purposes. 

For general enquiries and technical assistance

Visit www.statcan.gc.ca/wellbeing, or contact Statistics Canada Monday to Friday (except holidays), from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time):

*If you use an operator-assisted relay service, you can call during regular business hours. You do not need to authorize the operator to contact them.

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