Alberta Magazine Awards Winners Announced

Date: 9th March 2018

[press release – Calgary, Mar 8, 2018]

More than 200 of the best and brightest talents in the Alberta magazine industry gathered in Calgary on March 8 to honour the winners of the Alberta Magazine Awards.

The annual event, staged by the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA), showcases the outstanding work of magazine professionals from across the province, judged by industry leaders from across North America.

The awards gala kicks off the 2018 annual Alberta Magazines Conference, which brings together some of the most innovative thinkers in the industry from across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.

“The Alberta Magazine Awards program honours and celebrates the work of Alberta’s magazine creators – art directors, writers, photographers, editors and illustrators. Collectively these individuals bring passion and insight to our unique Alberta culture, and ensure Alberta voices and stories are shared and heard throughout the province and beyond our borders,” says Suzanne Trudel, AMPA’s Executive Director.

Awards were presented for excellence in magazine content published in 2017 in 20 Showcase Awards categories and five Achievement Awards categories.

Eighteen Bridges, a magazine grounded in narrative journalism that explores ideas, politics and people, was named Magazine of the Year. Judges noted that the combination of restrained and effective design, and its ability to engage readers through compelling and relevant stories, carried the magazine into the top spot.

Redpoint Media & Marketing Solutions group publisher Joyce Byrne received the Achievement in Publishing award. Byrne, described as a publishing polymath, has long been a champion of magazines, the people who make them and readers who enjoy them. Byrne has had her hand in creating magazines in a range of categories including trade, politics, literature, business and city life. She has not only defined excellence at numerous publications, but volunteers as an industry builder who has contributed her time and talent to industry associations including AMPA, IRMA, Magazines Canada and the National Magazine Awards Foundation.

Avenue Calgary scored again when Jaelyn Molyneux received the Editor of the Year award for her accomplishments with the magazine. Lisa Cook, New Trail editor-in-chief and 2017 recipient, presented the award and said the judges agreed Molyneux has had great success expanding Avenue’s reach through all channels and is setting the standard in the province.

Best New Magazine was awarded to newcomer League, a magazine of photographic art from the League of Landscape photographers, created by Samantha Chrysanthou and Darwin Wiggett.

A wide range of magazines from across the province earned podium spots for their work in multiple editorial and design categories.

See the full list of Showcase Awards finalists and winners and Achievement Awards recipients below.

We invite you to view the finalists’ work at and join us in congratulating them on social media using #abmags18.

The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) is a non-profit industry association that promotes, supports and advocates on behalf of the Alberta magazine publishing industry.

For inquiries or more information, contact:

Suzanne Trudel
Executive Director

Showcase Category Finalists and Winners

Alberta Story

Open Arms 
Eighteen Bridges Omar Mouallem
The Coal Phase Out 
Alberta Views Chris Turner

A History of Us Eighteen Bridges Darrin Hagen
Baba Was an Edmontonian Eighteen Bridges Myrna Kostash
Baba’s Other Children Alberta Views Myrna Kostash
Eyes in the Sky  Swerve Trina Moyles
Getting Big Money Out of Alberta Politics Alberta Views Max Fawcett
How GPS Put Calgary On the Map Avenue Calgary Christina Frangou
The Bat Man of Edmonton techlife Scott Messenger
Wolverines Have a Sensitive Side Canadian Rockies Annual Niki Wilson

Art Direction Single Issue

Winter 2017
 New Trail  Marcey Andrews 
Designers of the Year
 Western Living Magazine Paul Roelofs; art director, Natalie Gagnon and Jenny Reed, associate art directors

Canada 150
  Eighteen Bridges Kim Larson
Fall 2017 LINK Richard Maruk
July 2017, Canada 150 WestJet Magazine Steve Collins, design director; Teresa Johnston, art director
Spring 2017, Truth First New Trail Marcey Andrews
The Movement Issue UAlberta Business Sarah Jackson
Volume 2 Canadian Rockies Annual Dee Larosa


Bright Spot Ahead
 UAlberta Business Sarah Jackson, art director; Min Gyo Chung, illustrator
Truth First
 New Trail Lisa Cook editor; Marcey Andrews, art director, Daniella Zalcman

July/August 2017
 Alberta Views Gerry Rasmussen, illustrator; Beate Wichmann, art director; Evan Osenton, editor
June 2017, Lillian Shirt Avenue Edmonton Colin Way, photographer; Kim Larson, art director
Let There Be Sheds Swerve  Brendan Stephens, photographer;  Brent Morrison, art director, Bruce Weir, editor
March 2017, Whisky and Barley Culinaire Magazine Ingrid Kuenzel
May/June 2017 Where Calgary  Veronica Cowan, art director; Jason Dziver, photographer; Sue Spicer, food stylist; Breanna Mroczek, editor
October 2017, Alberta Beverage Awards Results Culinaire Magazine Ingrid Kuenzel. Dan Clapson
The Human Touch UAlberta Business Sarah Jackson, art director; Loveis Wise, illustrator

Digital Presence: Website

 Western Living Magazine Kaitlyn Gendemann, online editor
 Avenue Calgary Jaelyn Molyneux, executive editor digital content; Karin Olafson, editor, researcher, data management; Shelley Arnusch, Andrew Guilbert, Kathe Lemon, Karin Olafson, writers; Jared Sych, photographer

 Canadian Rockies Annual  Meghan J. Ward, online editor; Dee Larosa, designer techlife Scott Messenger, editor; Sherri Krastel, editor; Jeff Caron, web designer

Editorial Package

Canada 150 
Eighteen Bridges Curtis Gillespie, editor
Truth First
 New Trail Marcey Andrews, Stephanie Bailey, Lisa Cook, Curtis Gillespie, Tanya Harnett, Christie Hutchinson, Fay Fletcher, Janice Makokis, Patricia Makokis, Robert Moyles, Sarah Pratt, Mary Lou Reeleder, Karen Sherlock, Cynthia Strawson, John Ulan

Best Neighbourhoods 2017
 Avenue Calgary Shelley Arnusch, Andrew Guilbert, Kathe Lemon, Karin Olafson, writers; Kathe Lemon, editor; Karin Olafson, research
Five Objects that Changed Our Lives New Trail Marcey Andrews, Stephanie Bailey, Lisa Cook, Curtis Gillespie, Robert Moyles, Sarah Pratt, Mary Lou Reeleder, Karen Sherlock, Cynthia Strawson, John Ulan
Foodies of the Year Western Living Magazine Julia Dilworth, associate editor; Jenny Reed, associate art director
From Conflict Comes Awareness, and From Awareness Comes Knowledge Summit Michelle Bodnar, editor; Michal Waissmann, art director
Grow Opps Greenhouse Helen Metella, writer; Paige Weir, art director; Cait Wills, editor
People Make the Place Wider Horizons Lisa Kozleski, editor and writer; Dana Woodward, designer; Brent Bates, illustrator; D’Arcy Kavanaugh, Dave McMurray, writers
The 21 New Trail Marcey Andrews, Stephanie Bailey, Lisa Cook, Christie Hutchinson, Robert Moyles, Sarah Pratt, Mary Lou Reeleder, Karen Sherlock, Cynthia Strawson, John Ulan
Winter in Canada WestJet Magazine Jill Foran, editor

Emerging Writer

May It All Be Poetry
 Glass Buffalo Maya Gupta
Design for Everyone
 Avenue Calgary Madison Farkas

A Home Grows with You
 Avenue Edmonton Kalyna Hennig
For Men Only Glass Buffalo Mishma Mukith
Ghost Towns of the Canadian Rockies Canadian Rockies Annual Tera Swanson
Immaculate Wall Glass Buffalo Gavin Doyle
Spam FreeFall Nikki Celis


Shattered Dream
 Alberta Views Edmund Aunger
When Things Fall Apart 
Alberta Views Clem Martini

Canada, You’re Like My Favourite One-Day Uncle and I Love
 You Eighteen Bridges Richard Van Camp
Learning to Unlearn New Trail Curtis Gillespie
Home After Home Eighteen Bridges Jalal Barzanji
How I Did Not Try to Kill Andrew Suknaski Alberta Views Sid Marty
Small Grey Swerve Karen Hines
Taken Over by the West Glass Buffalo Sadia Masud
The Truth is in the Dirt Eighteen Bridges Anna Marie Sewell
Women and Politics Alberta Views Jackie Flanagan

Feature Design

Designers of the Year
 Western Living Magazine Paul Roelofs, art director
The 21 
New Trail Marcey Andrews, art director

Appetite for Instruction
 Avenue Edmonton Kim Larson, art director
Five Objects That Changed Our Lives New Trail  Marcey Andrews, art director
Give Your Lunch a Promotion Western Living Magazine  Jenny Reed, associate art director
MaaS Effect UAlberta Business Sarah Jackson, art director; Aaron Pedersen, photographer
Rockies Life in the ’70s Canadian Rockies Annual Dee Larosa, art director
Uprooted Swerve Brent Morrison, designer

Feature Writing Long

Life and How to Leave It 
Swerve Christina Frangou
A Hard Walk 
New Trail Curtis Gillespie

 Avenue Edmonton Eliza Barlow
Beyond Belief Alberta Views  Michael Ganley
Homeland for the Holidays Eighteen Bridges Omar Mouallem
MaaS Effect UAlberta Business Tim Querengesser
Rockies Life in the ’70s Canadian Rockies Annual Meghan J. Ward
The Rainmaker techlife Scott Messenger

Feature Writing Short

Eighteen Bridges Tim Querengesser
Trash to Treasure 
Avenue Edmonton Russell Cobb

Are Injection Sites Safe?
 The Yards Mary-Helen Clark
Can Less Become More? Avenue Edmonton Tim Querengesser
Getting Defensive Eighteen Bridges Kate Black
Knock-On Effect The Yards Tim Querengesser
On the Water WestJet Magazine Dan Rubinstein
Trade and Turmoil in the Age of Trump UAlberta Business Taylor Lambert
When Safe Isn’t Simple LINK Michelle Woodard
Who Revived the Electric Car? Avenue Edmonton Breanna Mroczek


Circus Wedding
 Eighteen Bridges Anosh Irani
  Glass Buffalo Sarah Bennett

A Clockwork Barista
 On Spec Kevin Cockle
All the Pretty Bones filling Station Erin Emily Ann Vance
Just for Tonight FreeFall Sarah Frayn
Superman and Pocahontas Glass Buffalo Hannah Schmakeit
The Pillar Glass Buffalo Jenny Winters


How I Did Not Try To Kill Andrew Suknaski
 Alberta Views Jonathan Dyck
Walking on Whyte 
Avenue Edmonton Raymond Biesinger

 Avenue Edmonton Glenn Harvey
A Simple Solution Swerve Drew Shannon
Baba Was An Edmontonian Eighteen Bridges Robert Carter
Bright Spot Ahead UAlberta Business Min Gyo Chung
Canada, You’re Like My Favourite One-Day Uncle and I Love You Eighteen Bridges Raymond Biesinger
Family History Avenue Edmonton Robert Carter
Hope Sprouts Swerve Hayden Maynard
Women and Politics Alberta Views  Sonia Roy


Care by the Decades
 Apple Sue McGillivray, designer
Remote Electricity
 New Trail Karen Sherlock

Economy 150
 UAlberta Business Vikki Wiercinski, Illustrator

Photograph: Landscape, Architecture or Still Life

Deconstructing Brew Green
 UAlberta Business Adrien Veczan
Skateboarding Underground, Banff National Park 
Canadian Rockies Annual Kelly Schovanek

25 Best Things to Eat
 Avenue Calgary Jared Sych
Comfort Zone Western Living Magazine  Clinton Hussey, photographer; Nicole Sjostedt, stylist
Great Canadian Cocktails WestJet Magazine Jared Sych
Paddler at Lake Louise Canadian Rockies Annual Wayne Simpson
Palm Trees, Trans-Canada Highway Swerve Jim Wells
Shadow Climbing, Mt. Geraldine Canadian Rockies Annual Paul Zizka

Photograph: People and Portraiture

Trash to Treasure
 Avenue Edmonton Cooper and O’Hara
Avenue Edmonton Colin Way

A Family Matter techlife Tim Potter
Freakin’ Eureka Swerve Colin Way
Pure and Simple Western Living Magazine Carlo Ricci
This Country Thinks It Gave Me My Magic Eighteen Bridges Cooper & O’Hara

Photograph: Series or Essay

Culture & Beauty 
Avenue Calgary Asim Overstands
Uprooted Swerve George Webber

Accidental Farmers
 Western Living Magazine Janis Nicolay
Build a Healthy Plate Apple Salt Food Photography; styling by Savory Plate
Desert Dreams WestJet Magazine Jared Sych
Life and How to Leave It Swerve Leah Hennel
On the Water WestJet Magazine Steve Collins
Rooms of Their Own Swerve George Webber
Top 40 Under 40 Avenue Edmonton Aaron Pedersen
What’s Old is New Again Avenue Edmonton Daniel Wood


The Un-Selfie Project 
Glass Buffalo Austen Lee
Two Poems (Dear Healing Walk, Rhapsodic Trip) 
filling Station Jen Currin
Bear 64
 FreeFall Angela Waldie
Can you imagine my love for banana facts? Glass Buffalo Jessica Johns
The Vegetarian Eighteen Bridges Matthew Stepanic
Three Poems (Hertz Field, Orbiter, When to Step In) filling Station Shazia Hafiz Ramji


In the Key of Alex
 Avenue Edmonton  Lisa Ricciotti
Seen Unseen
 New Trail Omar Mouallem

A Climber’s Guide
 Canadian Rockies Annual Zac Robinson and Stephen Slemon
Amarjeet Sohi Alberta Views Omar Mouallem
Lethbridge College Love Stories Wider Horizons Lisa Kozleski
Outspoken Ashley Callingbull Avenue Edmonton Wayne Arthurson

Service: Business, Education, Health or Medicine

The Doctor is Out 
Avenue Calgary Christina Frangou
Facing Forward 
Avenue Calgary Silvia Pikal

25 Ways to Stay Healthy and Well
 Apple Colleen Seto
Appetite For Instruction Avenue Edmonton Caroline Barlott
Care of All Kinds Apple Anne Georg
For Love and Money UAlberta Business Jyllian Park
The Upside of an Organized Home Apple Greg Harris

Service: Lifestyle

Oodles of Noodles 
Swerve John Gilchrist
Avenue’s Essential Guide to Summer in the Mountains Avenue Calgary Shelley Arnusch, Lisa Kadane, Megan Kopp, Andrew Penner, Gwendolyn Richards, Lynda Sea, writers; Shelley Arnusch, editor

150 Reasons to Love Edmonton
 Where Edmonton Matthew Stepanic, editor; Tamara Aschenbrenner, assistant editor
A to Z Guide to Relationships Apple Valerie Berenyi, Anne Georg, Jacqueline Louie
A Vegan Home on the Range Swerve Rita Sirignano and Melody Baker
Dining with the Stars WHERE Edmonton Matthew Stepanic, editor; Tamara Aschenbrenner, assistant editor
How to Pair Wine With Junk Food Avenue Edmonton Margaux Burgess

2018 Achievement Award Recipients

Magazine of the Year

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Achievement in Publishing

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Volunteer of the Year

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Editor of the Year

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Best New Magazine


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