If Newsletters Are the Key to Audience Growth, Then Experiments Will Show You How

Event Date: 1st March 2023

Member and student price: One seat for $20 or Two seats for $25
Non-member price: One seat for $30 or Two seats for $35

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm MST

As a publisher, you have to know your audience. But is your relationship with your readership based on data or out-dated first impressions and hunches?

Newsletters are a deep well of data about audience type and behaviour, and in this webinar we will explore how to mine them. You’ll learn how to make better decisions about new content and earn more revenue by…experimenting. We’ll use case studies to look at how to define an experiment in publishing, what kind of experiments are right for you, and how to execute a strategy to generate usable data. Come prepared to learn from the experience of others.

Kilian Schalk has been enabling publishers to thrive in a multi-channel environment for decades. An expert in workflow design and “an energetic, passionate devotee of continuous improvement”, he began his career as the youngest Production Manager in Rolling Stone history and most recently positioned America Media, one of the oldest periodicals in the United States, to ‘lead the conversation about faith and culture’. As Technical Director of Digital Projects he guided The New Yorker’s evolution from print-only to the iPad. He also helped define and implement culture change across eighteen titles at Condé Nast and created blueprints to overhaul workflows at publications ranging from IEEE Spectrum to Vanity Fair. His remote transformation programs have helped small to mid-sized magazine teams across North America define and implement the culture change they need to compete in a mobile environment, launch new digital products, create newsletters, launch podcasts, expand into radio, add video channels, use resources they already have, and go home at the end of the day.

Follow Kilian on LinkedIn or Twitter (@purplegraykjs) or contact him at ks@purplegray.com.

Your Host, Joyce Byrne

Joyce Byrne is Alberta Magazine Publishers’ past President and an award-winning veteran of the Canadian magazine industry. She has led creative, marketing and sales teams and boards in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary, and has worked on nearly every type of magazine, from literary to light industrial, with consumer, business, health and cannabis in between. Joyce is the executive director of the International Regional Magazines Association, a publishing and advertising sales consultant, and is AMPA’s curriculum consultant and the host of this year’s AMPA Webinar Series. Her personal brand is I Love Magazines.

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