Showcase Awards Judging Criteria

All categories are adjudicated by a carefully selected panel of three industry professionals. Judges in all categories receive written instructions and an explanation of the judging process. Judges are responsible for the selection of finalists by first working individually to submit scores from 0 to 100. From these scores, the top 10 submissions are compiled and a gold and silver winner and up to 10 finalists are determined. In the event that clear winners do not emerge judges proceed to a second round of judging, via a moderated conference call, to determine finalists, silver and gold winners. The judges’ decision is final.

Digital Categories

Judges assess overall experience, content, structure, navigation, visual design, functionality and interactivity.

Integrated Categories

Cover: Judges assess entries for graphic elements and cover line content, that they reinforce each other through literal or subtextual means, as well as overall creativity.

Infographic: Judges assess entries for overall impact and creativity, and that the text and visual elements support overall understanding of the information presented.

Written Categories

Judges evaluate entries in the context of the intended audience and give weight to the following: writing style and engaging voice, content, creativity and originality, engagement and overall impact.

Visual Categories

Judges evaluate entries in the context of the intended audience and assess image/graphic elements, text and how well they work together, as well as overall layout, originality, creativity and impact.

Conflict of Interest

A judge shall be considered ineligible to adjudicate a panel in which: his/her name appears on the masthead of the magazine entered in that category; is entered as a writer or other contributor in that category.

Category Review

AMPA reviews its award categories annually. Stakeholders are welcome to provide feedback on the clarity of category descriptions, relevance, and omissions.