Service Journalism

Articles in this category include any how-to journalism, explanatory or informational piece which organizes information of a practical applicability to the reader.

2020 Finalists

  • 2020 GOLD | Unravelling Drug Addiction: How the Opioid Crisis has Changed the Way We Work

    CREATORS Shelley Boettcher, Terry Bullick, Curtis Gillespie, David Guenther, Lisa Kozleski, Rob Olson, Dana Woodward

    Wider Horizons

  • 2020 SILVER | Urban Survival Guide

    CREATORS Kevin Brooker, Christina Freudenthaler, Andrew Guilbert, Jennifer Hamilton, Jaelyn Molyneux, Jacquie Moore, Julia Williams

    Avenue Calgary

  • All Inclusive

    WRITER Bert Archer

    WestJet Magazine

  • From the Den and Back Again

    WRITER Niki Wilson

    Canadian Rockies Annual

  • How I Learned to be a Healthier Eater

    WRITER Scott Messenger


  • Who Will Help Mom?

    WRITER Mike Fisher EDITOR Deb Cummings

    UCalgary Alumni Magazine

Previous Winners Service: Business Education, Health and Medicine

  • 2019 GOLD | Loneliness: An Epidemic

    Christina Frangou

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2019 SILVER | This is awkward

    Jacqueline Louie


  • 2018 GOLD | The Doctor is Out

    Christina Frangou

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2018 SILVER | Facing Forward

    Silvia Pikal

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2017 GOLD | Changing the Game

    Shane Riczu

    New Trail

  • 2017 SILVER | The Condo Board Survival Guide

    Jyllian Park

    The Yards

  • 2016 GOLD | The Upside of Down

    Todd Coyne

    Alberta Oil

  • 2016 SILVER | Accessing Healthcare

    Christina Frangou

    Avenue Calgary