Articles in this category include any work of poetry first published by the magazine. A collection of up to three poems by the same author, all published in the same issue, may also be entered in this category.

2019 Winners and Finalists

  • Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)

    Jordan Mounteer

    Glass Buffalo

  • Odyssea on the Train Pleads with Bartender

    Meredith Quartermain

    filling Station

  • devour

    Alex Allen

    Glass Buffalo

  • Garage Sonnet

    Jill Boettger


  • I Go Over It Again

    Jason Purcell

    Glass Buffalo

  • Notes From the Field

    Billy Ray Belcourt

    Eighteen Bridges

  • What I Wanted When I Returned

    Benjamin Hertwig

    Eighteen Bridges