Photograph: Landscape, Still Life and Architecture

A compelling and unique photo of a landscape, still life or architectural subject, that works in the context of the article. Awards are granted to the creator of the work. Entries must be shown in the magazine context, although accompanying text itself is not judged. If the entry is not from an article title page, please upload the title page image as well.



2022 Finalists

  • 2022 GOLD | Ode to the Ski Traverse

    Steve Ogle, Photographer

    Mountain Life - Rocky Mountains

  • 2022 SILVER | Nurturing Nature

    Diana Van Oorschot, Art Director; Steve Glen, Photographer

    Legacy in Action

  • Back Page

    Agathe Bernard, Photographer

    Mountain Life - Rocky Mountains

  • YYC Library

    I. M. Ruzz, Photographer

    Alberta Views

Previous Winners

  • 2021 GOLD | Fishing

    PHOTOGRAPHER Patrick Kavanagh

    Alberta Views

  • 2021 SILVER | Clear Vision


    Avenue Calgary

  • 2020 GOLD | On the Banks of the Oldman River

    PHOTOGRAPHER Steve Kuno ART DIRECTOR Beate Wichmann

    Alberta Views

  • 2020 SILVER | Scrambling The Wedge at Sunrise


    Canadian Rockies Annual

  • 2019 GOLD | Nighttime Ascent on the Grand Sentinel

    Paul Zizka

    Canadian Rockies Annual

  • 2019 SILVER | Summit Aurora

    PHOTOGRAPHER Matthew Snell

    Canadian Rockies Annual

  • 2018 GOLD | Deconstructing Brew Green

    Adrien Veczan

    UAlberta Business

  • 2018 SILVER | Skateboarding Underground

    Kelly Schovanek

    Canadian Rockies Annual

  • 2017 GOLD | Booming Ice Chasm

    Paul Zizka

    Canadian Rockies Annual

  • 2017 SILVER | Grizzly

    Brandon Brown

    Canadian Rockies Annual

  • 2016 GOLD | Where Winter Finds You Swell

    Cooper and O'Hara

    Avenue Edmonton

  • 2016 SILVER | Summer Living

    Julya Hajnoczky

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2015 GOLD | Phantoms on Ice

    Kurtis Kristianson, Spindrift Photography


  • 2015 SILVER | Merry Little Christmas

    Julya Hajnoczky

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2014 GOLD | Plenty of Room

    Heather Saitz


  • 2014 SILVER | Avenue's Big Deal Potluck

    Colin Way

    Avenue Calgary