Feature Design

The use of compelling imagery and graphic elements that work creatively and engagingly to support the story narrative. This award is granted to art directors and their staff or freelance associates for a single magazine article.

2023 Winners and Finalists

  • 2023 GOLD | City and Country: The Shape of the Future

    CREATIVE DIRECTOR John Montgomery

    New Trail

  • 2023 SILVER | Hey Ho, Let's Go!

    ART DIRECTOR Kim Larson


  • Caring to the Core

    ART DIRECTOR Erin Solano
    ILLUSTRATORS Cornelia Li, Erin Solano, Gela Cabrera Loa; PHOTOGRAPHERS Yuet Chan, Kim vanderHelm

    ATA Magazine

  • Cyrus Walker: Western Pulp Artist

    ART DIRECTOR Shannon Swanson

    Canadian Cowboy Country

  • Never Enough Nature

    DESIGNER Dana Woodward

    Wider Horizons

  • Solutions Are Built on Basic Science

    DESIGNER Brent Morrison


  • The Heart of a Woman

    DESIGNER Jennifer Windsor

    U of A Nursing

  • Two to Tango

    ART DIRECTOR Diana Van Oorschot

    Legacy in Action

  • Vital Support Care

    ART DIRECTOR Veronica Cowan


Previous Winners

  • 2022 GOLD | A Nobel Search

    WRITER Bruce Grierson
    EDITORS Karen Sherlock, Lisa Cook

    New Trail

  • 2022 SILVER | Changing Convention

    ART DIRECTOR Diana Van Oorschot; PHOTOGRAPHER Daniel Wood

    Legacy in Action

  • 2021 GOLD | U of Amazing Alumni Stories Part I

    ART DIRECTOR Marcey Andrews
    ILLUSTRATORS Miracle Studios, Jonathan Carlson, Kagan McLeod

    New Trail

  • 2021 SILVER | Game-Changers

    ART DIRECTOR Kim Larson
    PHOTOGRAPHER Aaron Pedersen ILLUSTRATORS Scott Carmichael, Robert Carter, Emily Chu


  • 2020 GOLD | Handmade Tales

    CREATORS Marcey Andrews, John Ulan, Luke Lucas

    New Trail

  • 2020 SILVER | Powered Up

    CREATORS Marcey Andrews, Stephen P. Hughes, Luke Lucas

    New Trail

  • 2019 GOLD | The Ultimate BBQ Guide

    Curtis Comeau

    Avenue Edmonton

  • 2019 SILVER | The How-To Issue: Better Living Through Research

    Lisa Cook, Editor-in-Chief; Karen Sherlock, Managing Editor
    Mifi Purvis, Associate Editor; Therese Kehler, Writer; Marcey Andrews, Art Director

    New Trail

  • 2018 GOLD | Designers of the Year

    Paul Roelofs

    Western Living

  • 2018 SILVER | The 21

    Marcey Andrews

    New Trail

  • 2017 GOLD | Swim or Sink

    Marcey Andrews, Art Director

    New Trail

  • 2017 SILVER | The Annotated Rudy Wiebe

    Marcey Andrews, Art Director

    New Trail

  • 2016 GOLD | The Future of Everything

    Marcey Andrews, Art Director

    New Trail

  • 2016 SILVER | 12 Annual Best Restaurant Awards

    Venessa Brewer, Art Director

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2015 GOLD | Back in the Game

    Pete Nguyen, Art Director

    Avenue Edmonton

  • 2015 SILVER | The Face of the Century

    Marcey Andrews, Art Director

    New Trail

  • 2014 GOLD | No Vacancy

    Danae Thompson, Art Director


  • 2014 SILVER | 40 Foodies Under 40

    Brennan Higginbotham, Art Director

    Western Living

  • 2013 GOLD | Double Take

    Vishu Mahajan


  • 2013 SILVER | Designers of the Year

    Randall Watson, Art Director

    Western Living

  • 2012 GOLD | 40th Anniversary Issue

    Western Living

    Western Living

  • 2011 GOLD | Taste To Go

    Jared Sych, Photographer; Teresa Johnston Art Director; Joy Lee, Food Stylist

    Wine Access