Articles in this category include those in which a writer’s perspective is paramount. Regular columns are eligible for entry in this category.

2019 Winners and Finalists

  • Reading Between the Ropes

    Doug Horner


  • Gotta Run

    Scott Messenger

    Eighteen Bridges

  • Curb Appeal

    Katherine P. Hopkins

    Glass Buffalo

  • The Quiet that Keeps Us Sane

    Kevin Van Tighem

    Alberta Views

  • Uncle Nick

    Myrna Kostash

    Alberta Views

Previous Winners

  • 2018 GOLD | Shattered Dream

    Edmund Aunger

    Alberta Views

  • 2018 SILVER | When Things Fall Apart

    Clem Martini

    Alberta Views

  • 2017 GOLD | How to Talk About Death and Dying

    Christina Frangou

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2017 SILVER | When Truth Doesn't Matter

    Todd Babiak

    New Trail

  • 2016 GOLD | Breathing Holes

    Lisa Gregoire

    Eighteen Bridges

  • 2016 SILVER | Coming Up with an Ending

    Tamara Gignac


  • 2015 GOLD | Children of a Lesser Santa

    Omar Mouallem


  • 2015 SILVER | The Gospel of Fire and Mud

    Russ Peters


  • 2014 GOLD | Why the Kids Don't Drive

    Omar Mouallem


  • 2014 SILVER | Crash Course

    Curtis Gillespie

    Western Living

  • 2013 GOLD | Washing the Body

    Karen Connelly

    Alberta Views

  • 2013 SILVER | Why Knot?

    Max Fawcett

    Eighteen Bridges