Editorial Package Print

Any collection of articles on a related theme in a single issue that reflects collaboration by editors and writers. Entries may consist of a package of articles or an entire issue. This category is open to content from print magazines only. *An article that appears in an editorial package is eligible for entry in other written categories.

2019 Winners and Finalists

  • The How-To Issue: Better Living Through Research

    Lisa Cook, Editor-in-Chief; Karen Sherlock, Managing Editor
    Mifi Purvis, Associate Editor; Therese Kehler, Writer; Marcey Andrews, Art Director

    New Trail

  • The Ultimate BBQ Guide

    Adrianna MacPherson, Writer
    Kim Larson, Art Director; Curtis Comeau, Photographer

    Avenue Edmonton

  • About the Cold

    Mifi Purvis, Associate Editor
    Marcey Andrews, Art Director

    New Trail

  • Designers of the Year

    Anicka Quin, Editorial Director
    Stacey McLachlan, Executive Editor; Neal McLennan, Travel Editor; Julia Dilworth, Associate Editor; Jenny Reed, Art Director

    Western Living

  • The Nourishment Issue

    Shannon Cleary, Kaitlyn Hanson, Julia Williams, Writers; Jill Foran, Editorial Director; Meredith Bailey, Managing Editor


  • Time

    Lisa Kozleski, Senior Writer and Editor
    Dana Woodward, Designer

    Wider Horizons

  • Where To Go In 2018

    Jill Foran, Editor; Sara Samson, Senior Editor
    Diane Bolt, Managing Editor; Michele Peterson, Patty Lee, Mandy Savoie, Karan Smith, Michele Sponagle, Mike MacEacheran, Megan Barber, John Lee, Writers

    WestJet Magazine