Editor of the Year

The individual has achieved standards of excellence in the creation of an Alberta magazine or magazines, demonstrating that they: fulfill the stated mandate or vision of the magazine through editorial content that is engaging and relevant to its target audience; and maintain high standards of editorial quality throughout the magazine.

The individual also demonstrates strong qualities of resourcefulness, collaboration and vision, as demonstrated by the nominee’s ability to: bring out excellence in writers; maximize economic and people resources in the creation of superior content; and engage stakeholders in venues beyond the magazine in ways that strengthen the magazine’s brand and sustainability.


Most people are amazed to learn that LINK, SAIT’s much-lauded alumni magazine, has only one full-time staff member. Since 2014, that lone staffer has been Nancy Cope, and her hard work, enthusiasm and high standards have earned the magazine its stellar reputation.

Cope sets the theme and storyboard for each issue, assigns content, writes (she has no staff writers), edits (without the support of assistant editors), coordinates copy editing, and proofs. She creates flat plans, collaborates with Ivy Design to set creative direction, handles coordination and art direction for multiple photo shoots, serves as production manager, and oversees mailing lists and distribution. She does all this while staying true to the magazine’s mandate.

In addition to managing… well, everything, Cope found the energy to lead a complete magazine redesign in 2017, elevating everything from photography and design to editorial tone. Meanwhile, she has expanded and enriched the LINK freelancing pool, matching talented writers with the right feature stories and assignments, and working with photographers, illustrators and consultants with respect, enthusiasm and generosity. As a result of Cope’s efforts, LINK has an invested creative community that fills the magazine with intriguing voices and points of view.

Cope has always been determined to take the most interesting, most challenging road for LINK, and the results speak for themselves: Successive reader surveys show that LINK is a highly anticipated publication that succeeds in strengthening the connection between SAIT and its alumni. With her resourcefulness and commitment to excellence, Cope has crafted an alumni magazine that consistently punches above its weight, going head-to-head with highly resourced and funded magazines for major publishing awards.

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