Digital Presence

A magazine website, website redesign, microsite, mobile app, multimedia feature or any other specific digital project which:

  • Demonstrates high editorial standards and effective use of the digital medium to reach and engage the intended audience.
  • Demonstrates best practices in navigation and architecture; interactivity; excellent content and outstanding design; and, if applicable, integration with print publication.


2023 Winners and Finalists

  • 2023 GOLD |

    PUBLISHER Sherry Shaw-Froggatt
    CONTENT MANAGER Erika Tobolski; SITE DESIGNER Switchback Creative Trevor and Suzy Rounce


  • 2023 SILVER |

    EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jeremy Klaszus

    The Sprawl


    PUBLISHER Tom Tait
    EDITOR Portia Priegert; LISTINGS EDITOR Marianne Elder; INTERN Joe Paris

    Galleries West


    EDITOR Steven Sandor
    PUBLISHER Trudy Callaghan

    Urban Affairs

  • Vilhelm Sundin


    Galleries West


    PUBLISHER Bert Crowfoot; STAFF REPORTER Shari Narine; WRITERS Numerous Freelancers


Previous Winners

  • 2022 GOLD | Website Refresh

    EDITOR Mary Bailey; WEB Gunnar Blodgett
    DESIGNER Jan Thalheimer

    The Tomato Food & Drink

  • 2022 SILVER | Galleries West Website

    EDITOR Portia Priegert; PUBLISHER Tom Tait

    Galleries West

  • 2021 GOLD | New Trail Website Redesign

    Marcey Andrews, Art Director
    Melissa Fabrizio, Digital Planning and Development Lead; Dean Vigoren, Web Developer

    New Trail

  • 2021 SILVER |

    Sherri Krastel, Editor; Bryan Alary, Scott Messenger, Joyce Yu, Nicole Graham, Writers/Editors


  • 2020 GOLD | techlifetoday

    Bryan Alary, Marta Gold, Sherri Krastel, Liz Pittman, Scott Messenger, Creators


  • 2019 GOLD | Cybersecurity Warriors: Frontline of Defence

    Leslie Blondahl, Digital Designer
    Michal Waissmann, Art Director


  • 2019 SILVER | The Last Post

    Ashley Naud, Writer, Photographer and Videographer


  • 2018 GOLD | Western Living

    Kaitlyn Gendemann

    Western Living

  • 2018 SILVER |

    Jaelyn Molyneux, Executive Editor; Karin Olafson, Editor, Research, Data Management
    Shelley Arnusch, Andrew Guilbert, K├Ąthe Lemon, Karin Olafson, Writers; Jared Sych, Photographer

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2017 GOLD |

    Jaelyn Molyneux, Executive Editor
    Karin Olafson, Assistant Editor

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2017 SILVER | Summit

    Michal Waissman, Art Director
    Leslie Blondahl, Digital Designer; Deb Abramson, Studio and Production Supervisor


  • 2016 GOLD | Western Living

    Western Living

    Western Living

  • 2016 SILVER | WestJet Magazine

    Sara Samson

    WestJet Magazine

  • 2015 GOLD | 10th Anniversary Tablet Edition

    Alberta Oil

    Alberta Oil

  • 2015 SILVER |

    Jaelyn Molyneux, Executive Editor
    Karin Olafson, Assistant Web Editor

    Avenue Calgary

  • 2014 GOLD | Westworld Alberta iPad App

    Kirsten Rodenhizer, Editor; David Claydon, Art Director; Ren Reed, Art Director; Carole Stevenson-Roy, Managing Editor
    Tracy Hyatt, Associate Managing Editor; Shauna Rudd, Assistant Editor; Kristina Borys, Production/Studio Manager; Mandy Lau, Assistant Studio Manager

    Westworld Alberta

  • 2014 SILVER |

    Tom Tait, Publisher; Kristy Davison, Kim Machado, Contributors

  • 2013 GOLD |

    Tom Tait, Kim Machado, Kristy Davison

  • 2013 SILVER |

    Allison McNeely, Web Editor; Dave Wilkinson, Technology Director; Joel Collyer, Web Developer; Kenny Odlum, Web Designer; Jennifer Hamilton, Executive Editor; Jaelyn Molyneux, Senior Editor;

    Avenue Calgary