Alberta Story

Articles in this category must showcase a distinctly Alberta subject, flavour and flair. This is subject to broad interpretation but examples would be non-fiction work about Alberta’s cultural and economic scene; stories about interesting Albertans; or stories told from a distinctly Albertan perspective.

2019 Winners and Finalists

  • Don't Fence Me In

    Kevin Van Tighem

    Alberta Views

  • Youth and Duty

    Scott Messenger


  • Family Trees: Or Why We Should Care About the Gojis Just as Much as the Chestnuts

    Dustin Bajer

    The Yards

  • Six Degrees of Nathan Fillion

    Breanna Mroczek

    Avenue Edmonton

  • The High and Lonesome Sound

    Robbie Jeffrey

    Eighteen Bridges

  • The Takeover

    Tadzio Richards

    Alberta Views

  • Time of His Life

    Lisa Kozleski

    Wider Horizons