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In the morning, he saw her for breakfast. What words came were inadequate. Bodies sufficed.

Publication: The Prairie Journal

Ian Kent, author of “Gravegirl,” a short story we published in issue # 72, attended the University of Alberta where he attained his Bachelor of Arts (major in Drama; minor in English). After his graduation, Ian wrote and produced two children’s plays, “The Kingship of NNNNorp!” and “Witches’ Brew Carrot Stew”, at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. Then, he traveled overseas where he worked in India teaching and directing Tibetan artists in exile Shakespearean acting techniques, while also editing and contributing to Contact Magazine. Most recently, he wrote, produced and directed the play “Abattoir Morning” through his production company or; theatre ( His poems have been published in Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, The Prairie Journal, Scrivener Creative Review, Rhubarb and Contemporary Verse 2. His fiction has also appeared in Montreal Writes. His non-fiction has appeared in Rhubarb. Now you can read his story here!

We published  “Belovèd by the Moon”, by Katherine Koller, in issue #70. Her short story collection, Winning Chances, was published in Spring 2019, by Great Plains Publications. She is C.A.A. Writer-in-Residence for 2018-2019.

Read  “A Small Malignancy” by Shelley Wood at She also has stories in the Antigonish Review, the New Quarterly, and Room. Shelley has won many awards, among them the Fall 2015 “Tethered by Letters” contest, the 2016 “Frank McCourt prize for Creative Nonfiction”, and the 2017 Fiction prize from FreeFall Magazine. Her first novel, The Quintland Sisters (William Morrow|HarperCollins), is a Canadian bestseller!

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The Fall 2019 Issue # 72 will feature: L.C. Di Marco, Myrna Downer, Laurie Anne Fuhr, Monica Kidd, Chlöe Lewis, Josephine LoRe, Stuart Ian McKay, Sandra Mooney-Ellerbeck, Anne Sorbie, Matthew Stepanic, and many more, with original artwork by Rhiannon Lee.



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