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Can Climate Change Be Reversed?

Publication: Alberta Views

What if climate change can be reversed? This is the provocative question Arno Kopecky asks in his profile of David Keith.

Keith, a Harvard-based (and sometimes Canmore-based) geoengineer, is piloting technology that converts atmospheric CO2 into a carbon form that can be stored underground, thereby producing negative climate emissions. He’s also turning captured emissions into a carbon-neutral fuel that can power cars or airplanes—and can theoretically be produced at scale anywhere in the world.

In this cover story of Alberta Views’  Jul/Aug 2019 edition, Kopecky lays out how the project is backed by billionaires and oil companies and cautiously supported by leading climate scientists—but also dismissed for its daunting economics and criticized for presenting a serious “moral hazard.”

With the world showing little enthusiasm for meeting its climate challenge through reduced carbon use alone, Kopecky ultimately asks whether humanity can afford to ignore any solution, even one so radical, daunting and controversial.



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