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Bear and the Flower: Pork Farming for the Future

Publication: Culinaire

There has never been a more important time to know and appreciate where our food comes from and who produces it.

It was when we were at the International Ag Lounge at Stampede last year, and we met farmers, ranchers, and growers, and heard their stories, that we realised how lucky we were to be able to have one on one conversations with these hardworking people. We were fascinated to learn of the challenges, of the changes over the years, of their hopes and dreams – both realised and dashed.

So we decided that we would tell these stories so other people could learn too, and gain more insight into the lives of the people who produce our food, and what it takes to get it to market.

Our first “Producer’s Story” was published in our January issue this year, and Christopher and Jessica Fasoli, of Bear and The Flower, tell us how they got to where they are now.








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