About Us

The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) sustains a healthy and thriving magazine industry by serving the people who publish, create, print and distribute an uniquely Albertan view of the world. We’re a classroom, a forum, a newsletter, an advocate and a united voice for magazine publishers in the province. Since 1997, we’ve supported Alberta magazines through promotion, advancement, and practical programs that foster professional development and industry growth.

Magazines are cool. They’ve become a non-traditional medium in the internet age, and it’s never been cooler to love them. The members of our association demonstrate with the turn of every page why we love Alberta magazines in particular.

There is an Alberta magazine for every interest, from fine arts to crafts, from business to politics and society, food and wine to music and travel. There’s a magazine for most every city, town and community, for sports and for leisure, and for university life and industry. There are award-winning new and established magazines of literature and poetry and ideas.

And behind each of those mastheads are hundreds of full-time editors, art directors, writers, graphic artists, digital specialists, ¬†interns, sales people, fundraisers, marketers, administrators and publishers. Our industry partners include printers, shippers, distributors, retailers and event companies, web designers and app developers, advertising agencies, governments and arts councils. We don’t just make magazines though. Our members create websites, and apps, and newsletters, and meet-ups and events and products and many, many other brand extensions.

Our industry represents an important economic pillar, a vital and essential cultural industry employing staff and freelance contributors at nearly 200 titles that contribute $60 million to the Alberta economy annually.

Alberta publishers deliver 18 million copies of Alberta magazines to readers each year, and the conversations we create are as vital to the fabric of the province as they have ever been.

I invite you to use this website to learn more about some of Alberta’s finest magazines, for the latest industry news, events and subscription offers and to find complete details about AMPA’s many programs and services.

Joyce Byrne
President, Alberta Magazine Publishers Association