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The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association has produced a five volume series of how-to guides to magazine publishing in Alberta. This Template series is for people with great ideas who want to start a magazine - and make it work.

It is also a tool for everyone connected to the magazine publishing industry: editors, art directors, freelance contributors, publishers, advertisers, sales representatives, printers and distributors. How do all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together to get magazines into the hands of interested readers?

Template Series How to Start a Magazine    tinytempate digital COVER    Tiny Template Ad Sales cover


The Template series, including the new Ad Sales Edition, is available free of charge to AMPA members (digitized versions are also available to members on our website's Resource Library).

  • Template: $9.95 + $3.00 postage = $12.95**
  • Tiny Template: The Law Edition (2009): $5.95 + $2.00 = $7.95**
  • Tiny Template: The Circulation Edition (2010): $5.95 + $2.00 = $7.95**
  • Tiny Template: The Digital Publishing Edition (2012): $5.95 + $2.00 = $7.95**
  • Tiny Template: The Ad Sales Edition (2013): $5.95 + $2.00 = $7.95**
  • All five issues for $30.00 (save $15.00!)

* U.S. orders please add $4.50 for mailing.
** Get all five issues of Template for free when you sign up as an Associate Individual member!

Order your copy

If you are an AMPA member, email ampa@albertamagazines.com with your mailing address.

If you are not an AMPA member, you have several options to order:

  1. Call the AMPA office at 403.262.0081 to provide your mailing address and credit card payment (VISA or Mastercard);
  2. Send payment via PayPal to ampa@albertamagazines.com (don't forget to include your mailing address), or
  3. Send a cheque (with the note "Template Series") to:

Alberta Magazine Publishers Association
#304, 1240 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 3P7

What's in each issue?

Tiny Template (2013): The Ad Sales Edition

  • Navigating the Changing World of Magazine Ad Sales (by Colleen Seto)Tiny Template Ad Sales cover
  • The Ultimate Sales Rep's Toolkit: Media planners spill on what they expect from ad sales reps (by Colleen Seto)
  • Offering Advertisers the Full-Meal Deal: A complete sale means integrating across platforms (by Omar Mouallem)
  • On the Money: Finding advertisters that fit your publications (by Jill Roberts)
  • Mastering the National Media Market (by Heather Setka)
  • No Kit, No Cash: Effective media kits integral to successful sales (by Alix Kemp)
  • Circ to Sell: Using circulation to sell advertising (by Andrew Mah)
  • Research Ready: Arming yourself with research makes it tough for advertisers to say no (by Alix Kemp)
  • Motivating Your Sales Staff on a Shoestring Budget (by Jill Roberts)
  • Cashing in Beyond Ads: Finding new revenue streams (by Omar Mouallem)
  • Seven Ways to Lose a Sale (by Gwen Dunant)
  • Adding Custom Content to Your Mix: A who-to, how-to and why-to guide (by Heather Setka)
  • How Your Printer Can Maximize Your Revenues (by Anh Chu)
  • The Business of Business Advertising (by Alix Kemp)
  • Overcoming Objections (by Zac Bolan)
  • Sales Tips & Tricks: Right from the experts' mouths
  • The Perfect Sales Call: A recap of ad sales do's and don'ts (by Joan Dixon)

Tiny Template (2012): The Digital Publishing Edition

  • The Digital Landscape for Magazines (by Colleen Seto)tinytempate digital COVER
  • Feeding the Online Beast: Content is king in print and online (by Lisa Manfield)
  • A Good Online Read: Creating engaging online content (by Allison McNeely)
  • Magazines and Blogs: A Perfect Partnership (by Valerie Howes)
  • A Brand New World: Stop selling platform, start selling brand (by Kim Peacock)
  • Back to Basics: Online sales need fundamental sales skills (by Kim Peacock)
  • Money-Making Opps and Apps: How to generate revenue online (by Martin White)
  • The Case for Marketing Online: Three successful case studies (by Andrew Mah)
  • Decoding Digital Design: Go big and bold with online design (by Jill Roberts)
  • Building Online Circulation (by Andrew Mah)
  • Get Up Close and Personal: Finding effective social media strategies (by Jill Roberts)
  • Make Me a Convert: Applying search engine optimization (by Joy Gugeler)
  • Top 10 Tech Trends in Publishing (by Andrew Mah)
  • Recipe for Online Success (by Phillip Smith)

Tiny Template (2010): The Circulation Edition

  • tinytempate COVER 2010 002A Bird's Eye (Over)view of Circulation: How to choose the right model for your magazine (by Anh Chu)
  • Party On! Like any good party, circulation requires best-laid plans (by Malwina Gudowska)
  • Crunching the Numbers: Determine budget goals, actions and outcomes to make the right investments and get the right returns (by Colleen Seto)
  • Newsstand Demand: Determine if your magazine is right for the ever-competitive newsstand (by Scott Bullock)
  • Analyze This! Choosing the ideal circulation source mix for your magazine means evaluating your methods frequently (by Lynda Sea)
  • Weaving the Perfect Web: How to use the Internet as a powerful and cost-effective tool for increasing sales and brand awareness (by Andrew Mah)
  • Ready. Set. Renew: Renewal subscriptions are the key to sustaining and growing paid circulation (by Beth Ed)
  • Go Direct! Understanding direct-mail campaigns (by Anh Chu)

Tiny Template (2009): The Law Edition

  • tinytemplate coverCaught on the Legal Hook: Understanding how media law applies to magazines could prevent many legal woes (by Malwina Gudowska)
  • Cover Your Assets: How to avoid a costly defamation case (by Ezra Levant)
  • Buyer's Remorse: When it comes to copyright, make sure you know what you're buying (by Andrew Mah)
  • Advertising Legalities Publishers Should Know About
  • Check, please! Fact-checking: a must for every magazine (by Cynthia Brouse)
  • Pros & Contracts: Clearly defined contracts spell good news for everyone (by Anh Chu)
  • The Business of Publishing: How to establish your magazine as a legal entity (by Tracy Hyatt)
  • Make Your Mark and Protect It! Understanding the importance of trademark protection (by Andrew Mah)
  • 10 Ways to Avoid a Day in Court

Template: The Definitive How-to Guide to Magazine Publishing in Alberta

  • Business Planning
    • Flash in the Pan? Not with a Plan! Why you need a business plan to publish, not perish (by Colleen Seto)
    • Know Your Reader: Reader research crucial for engaing editorial, strong ad sales and sound business planning (by Derek Sankey)
    • Show Me the Money! Source out the funds needed to kick-start your magazine (by Colleen Seto)
  • Editorial
    • Words to the Wise: In our multimedia age, good writing is what makes magazines start out (by Jim Sutherland)
    • Worlds Are Colliding! The find are of balancing advertising and editorial (by Andrew Mah)
    • Find Your Voice: Determining editorial focus critical to success (by Patrick Walsh)
    • Good Graces: Developing positive editor/writer relationships (by Shelley Boettcher)
  • Ad Sales
    • Facing the Ad Sales Hurdles: Three of Canada's top experts talk strategies, skills and survival (by Julia Williams)
    • Here Kitty Kitty: Lure advertisers with a well-designed media kit (by Nicole Pointon)
  • Production
    • Meeting, Or Better Yet, Beating Deadlines: Streamline workflow for a smoother production path (by Loretta Puckrin)
    • Start the Presses: A crash course about printing a magazine (by Wendy McMahon)
    • Popping the Question: How Do I Choose a Printer? Consider relationships when printer shopping (by Nicole Pointon)
    • FTP that PDF ASAP: Prepess technologies and the publisher/printer interface (by Loretta Puckrin)
  • Design
    • 10 Cheap Tricks: How to make your magazine look great on a budget (by Megan Kopp)
    • Designer Guys: Two top art directors share what constitutes good design (by Malwina Gudowska)
    • Let's Get Ready to Rumble! The Quark vs. InDesign debate rages on (by Colleen Seto)
  • Circulation
    • Romancing Readers: Turn flirtation into long-lasting commitments (by Lori Lavallee)
    • Put Your Circ to Work: Dream big, plan smart and consider circulation options carefully (by Scott Bullock)
  • Technology
    • Netting the Net: Make the Internet your friend, not foe (by Andrew Mah)

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