Voting Member Eligibility

Voting Magazine membership may be awarded to any individual, firm, partnership, proprietorship or institution who applies for membership in respect of a Canadian magazine, journal or other periodical of a cultural, social, economic, political or artistic nature (excepting any publication deemed by AMPA to be a house organ, publication circulated exclusively to a club membership, advertising catalogue or promotion publication) that:

  1. Publishes Canadian magazine(s), has its chief office of business in Alberta, has effective managerial and editorial control in the hands of persons domiciled in Alberta and is at least 51% owned by citizens or landed immigrants of Canada. When the magazine is owned by a corporation, at least 51% of the directors shall be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants;
  2. has established regular frequency of publication, and has maintained accepted standards of editorial and production quality;
  3. has a subscription price and must be available to the general public, with subscriptions made available independent of membership;
  4. publishes a minimum of two issues per year, although the imposition of this condition will be done at the membership committee's discretion;
  5. maintains an advertising/editorial ratio of not more than 70:30;
  6. follows the Canadian magazine industry advertising-editorial guidelines developed by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors (CSME) and Magazines Canada;
  7. does not fall within the definition of a newspaper as defined by the Canada Periodical Fund, of the Department of Canadian Heritage, and must either define itself to the public as a magazine, or not define itself as other than a magazine; and
  8. submits a complete information form to AMPA annually, pays the requisite membership fee within 30 days of invoice, and submits one copy of each new issue of its periodical on a timely basis to the association office.