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Carey Rutherford

AMPA Member

Writing since he discovered the challenges of adulthood, Carey's tests were always assuaged by the incredible breadth, beauty and energy of live music. Calgary's growth since then has proved an ever-changing smorgasbord for his willing ear, and having volunteered with the jazz festival and piano competition in their infancies, his love of alternative and world music provided a balanced menu for a healthy musical diet. Empathetic-critically minded of honesty and truth, founded in conscious awareness of personal frailties keeps him busy in saving the world.

Some of my greatest enjoyment comes from meeting and dealing with people. Though I was shy when I was young, or perhaps because of it, I am constantly fascinated by the way people deal with life and the circumstances that surround us. I am endlessly engaged by my desire to participate in the things that surround me: not by doing them myself, necessarily, but simply by being aware of them, and learning why they work the way they do. People, of course, are some of the most fascinating of these things.

Fortunately for my view of humanity's better qualities, people overwhelmingly encourage my delight in them, through their own acts of giving of themselves, even when logic would dictate otherwise. In the many trips that I have made around the world, through Europe and the U.K., across Canada and the United States and to Australia, I have rarely encountered circumstances or individuals who did not uphold my opinion that people are generally good, charitable, gracious, helpful and interesting, even when struggling against their own human weaknesses.

Most recently this has been enriched by entering the ESL teaching world. It manages to combine my love of other cultures (and the interest in them that I have always had) and the opportunity to share my love of language and my own culture with them through the teaching process. I only wish I had discovered this opportunity earlier in life.

Ultimately, as a Communications Studies major (academically & personally), I have always striven to remove the obstacles to the expression of ideas and feelings, from which our times continues to suffer. The language barrier sometimes seems to be central to many of these confusions, though there are certainly other reasons for miscommunication. Whether it's one's gender, culture, nationality or education, there is always an occasion for messages to be skewed or miscarried if assumptions are made about their content. The best idea is to clear the path for the message, and then look at the information it contains.

Of course, some of the tasks a writer adopts are not so high and mighty: poetic expression can be confounding, frightening, or simply irritating. Creating a space within which the reader can be stimulated, informed and entertained is the most challening and rewarding aspect to the trade. If someone's physical reaction to a writing is clearly imprinted in their mind and muscles, how impactful must the work be, and how effective must the message inevitably be!

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