Achievement Awards Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

The judging committee is made up of industry professionals, individuals from the AMPA Board of Directors, as well as a previous Achievement Award winners. The committee will consider submitted nominations to select a winner and may also put forward a nominee.

Achievement in Publishing

Judges determine a winner based on the nominee who best demonstrates:

  • A history of creating excellent magazine content and/or products
  • Long-term success in the magazine industry
  • Significant contributions to the Alberta magazine industry, including volunteer work, advocacy, leadership and collaboration

Best New Magazine

Judges are tasked with the responsibility of identifying the new magazine that best exemplifies overall editorial and design excellence. The award goes to the magazine which best demonstrates consistently high standards in all aspects of editorial content, exhibits innovation, provides service to its intended readers and has a sustainable business model.

Editor of the Year

Judges will recognize the nominee who demonstrates strong qualities of resourcefulness, collaboration and vision, as demonstrated by the nominee’s ability to:

  • bring out excellence in writers
  • maximize economic and people resources in the creation of superior content
  • engage stakeholders in venues beyond the magazine in ways that strengthen the magazine’s brand and sustainability
  • fulfill the stated mandate or vision of the magazine through editorial content that is engaging and relevant to its target audience
  • maintain high standards of editorial quality throughout the magazine

The overall responsibilities and circumstances of the nominee will be taken into account. That is, judges will consider all of the nominee’s duties related to the magazine, as well as the resources they have available to carry out their duties.

Magazine of the Year

Judges are responsible for identifying the magazine that best exemplifies overall editorial and design excellence from the past year. The award should go to the magazine which best demonstrates consistently high standards in all aspects of editorial content, exhibits innovation and provides service to its intended readers, as evaluated based on the criteria below:

  • Quality of editorial
  • Qualify of design
  • Demonstrates significant achievement this past year
  • Engages and serves the needs of its readers

Volunteer of the Year

The winner will have demonstrated that they bettered the Alberta magazine industry through their involvement and have inspired others to take part in the industry. Nominees will be evaluated on both their volunteer contributions in 2017 and their past history of volunteer involvement.

The following criteria will be considered in determining a winner:

  • Active and impactful as a volunteer in 2017
  • History of volunteerism
  • Activities made a difference in the magazine industry

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